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May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
separatists. president obama met with german chancellor angela merkel and threatened new sanctions. >> we want to see a diplomatic resolution to the situation in ukraine. but we have also been clear that if the russian leadership does not change course, it will face increasing costs as well as growing isolation. >> because european nations get so much oil and gas from russian, broader sanctions could hurt them, as well. meantime, both sides confirm that two ukrainian helicopters were shot down by pro-russian insurgents and dozens were killed in a fire and battle that broke out on the streets of odessa in ukraine. >>> now, several cbs journalists were caught up in the crisis overnight when insurgents detained them. burning tires blocked road in a city where pro-russian forces detained clarissa ward and her crew. they had just snapped these pictures. >> we were then blindfolded and put on a vehicle and taken to another location when we stopped at this other location, there was a woman who was shouting at us telling us to shut up, not to speak. we had to stand up and put our hands against a wall
May 2, 2014 7:00am PDT
chancellor ainge la america angela merkel is visiting the white house. merkel is under pressure at home from german strips thatindustries that don't want to lose russia's business. >> now to the controversy over donald sterling. leon jenkins resigned last night after facing backlash. he chose sterling to receive a lifetime achievement award this month. >> that offer was withdrawn after sterling's racial remarks became public. and as we report sterling's health is suddenly an issue. >> reporter: just before the end of thursday night's playoff game, reported that disgraced clippers owner donald sterling is battling cancer. the news came as a surprise to clippers' coach doc rivers. >> didn't know it until just now. i don't have a reaction to that. i hope it's not true. >> my thoughts and prayers are with him. nobody deserves to go through something like that. >> we've got game seven coming up in los angeles. >> reporter: the news didn't appear to effect the game. the team still needs to win one more game in order to move on to the second round of the nba playoff
Apr 27, 2014 8:30am PDT
what angle a merkel has to say much more than what the obama administration has to say. they're also going along with small targeted sanctions, but the stakes are a lot higher for europeans. russia's strength with europe is ten times russia's strength with the u.s. >> schieffer: he could also cut off the gas. >> he could cut off the gas and that might not seem as much of a problem as we go into spring and summer but come into winter he has the ability to make it very, very cold indeed, especially northern europe. so they, i think, would like to take little baby steps along the way and hope that that will have an impact. they seem to be comfortable with the americans going harder and harsher, but i don't think that that will change putin's calculus. yes, the russian stock market is down. yes, the -- it hasn't changed putin's posture a notch. so it's going to take something of the order of getting russians out of swift which is this interbanking deal that allows banks to trade currencies with each other. if you take russia out of that union, then all of russia's banks immediately go in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3